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A year long collabrative project with Disney Consumer products and ASU's Innovation Space to develop prodcuts for children with autism.

Products for Autsim

Fitting Cart

During my internship at Wilson Sporting Goods in 2010, I had the opportunity to redesign the iron fitting cart system for the Wilson Staff brand.

Wilson Fitting Cart


The nuax was a complete design research development process that focused on changing the way the current reciprocating saw is handled and used.

The nuAX


This was an abreviated entry to the International Housewares Competition in 2010. The full version of the entry can be made available by request.

SafeDrain System


A project in collaboration with Waste Managment and The Design School at ASU, to build 4 miniture golf holes for the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Mini Golf Design

Golf Shoe

A project designed in 2010 to explore the process of designing a shoe. This process went from conceptualizing shoe forms to a final presentation model.

Shoe Design


This is the Modera Outdoor Patio Chair designed in 2009 for a University wide design furniture competition sponsored by Courtside Creations Incorporated.



Graphic design work from both studio classes and personal projects. Most all of the work is done in either Photoshop or Illustrator.

Graphic Design


Here is a packet of sketches from mainly studio class work through 2008- 2011.


Random Sketchwork

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